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Gen Y and The Idea of Participation

Julai 23, 2010

1. Tonight is among a great night that we have had together, sitting at McDonald Bangsar and ‘bersembang’ about each of us . One of our colleague actually has decided to move out from her current platform and find one that suit her perception and intuition.

2.We shared our story and rumors, and some of the rumors is a real fact when a friend verified it clearly. Some will says, a reliable source,so that was true.

3.The idea of us sitting at McDonald on Friday’s Night is the symbol of friendship and loyalty.But, the senior up there doesn’t seems to understand this. They ignore her idea and our point, they let us sinked with them.

4. This is the place where we define our path, and compiled our idea.

Our Company

5. The rumors said our company is not doing well, registered  unexpected EBITDA for the first half of this year, cutting down A&P Budget, ask us to have a compulsory leave and everything that related to downsize the budget.

6.Our leaders seem have lost their direction. Leading us to nowhere and yet never try to put our perspective into their consideration.My friend’s mum always said “Jangan syok sendiri” and this is what they are doing now.

7.Looking at this situation,  we are actually at war with our own paradigm and perception. All Generals up there has ignored the idea of Little Napoleon and the young Hitler.  So, they have decided to leave the battalion and join the enemy instead.

8. My company is losing the fresh young blood. My company is sinking at their own define path.


Accidential Economy

Disember 18, 2009

1. Good and Services Tax (GST) Bill has been tabled last Thursday, December 17, 2009.

2. Khazanah Nasional Bhd sold 86.75 million TNB shares, representing 2% of the utility’s paid-up capital last December 11, 2009.

3. Laporan Kewangan Petronas separuh tahun pertama 2009 yang menunjukkan kejatuhan ketara pendapatan Petronas sebanyak RM58 billion atau 37.5% berbanding masa yang sama tahun lepas.

4. The current development in the Q4 economic outlook has left the netizen a thousand questions to be wondered.

5. Are we in the right track to achieve the high income economic model as per promised during 2010 Budget?

6.Are we heading to the right direction during this high impact of economic turbulent?

7. I am wondering this.

Apocalypse Averted? Reconfiguring the New Normal

Oktober 16, 2009

1. Last Oct 5th and 6th, I have the opportunity to attend and participate in the annual Khazanah Megatrends Forum.

2. This year the theme was Apocalypse Averted? Reconfiguring the New Normal.

3. There are a few business gurus, economists and business leaders present their thought and ideas, shared the experience and view and triggered a concept of what they mean by ” Reconfiguring the New Normal” . Nor Mahamed Yacop even used the simple analogy from our previous subject such as Geography, History and Biology to define what he means by “Reconfiguring the New Normal”.

4. Andrew Shang has presented an overview of his analysis of the current economy crisis. He said, the current financial failures were contributed by multiple factors as he suggested, such as:

Failure to remember History

Failures to see Macro-Systemic Issues

Failure to understand systemic implications of micro behaviour

Failure of Economic thought

5. Most of the topics presented there were related to business and economy based knowledge. They were discussing a lot about the future of Islamic Finance in Malaysia, and how this ill drive Malaysia’s economy in the near future.

6. Apart from this very interesting subject,  I would love to share the idea from Nazir Razak and Idris Jala.

7. Both of them are prominent figures in our business environment in their own respective area.

8. Idris Jala has shared his experience during his tenure as MAS CEO. He has stressed out the important of knowing your organization efficiency as this is the key factor that will drive your growth.

9. While Nazir Razak, has put in believe that ,reducing manpower during the crisis is not the best solution to help our economy rebounce back. He opt to stay with whatever numbers that they have and manage it efficiently, so that in this current global crisis the impact would be absorbed well.

10. Overall, we have a long journey to define what types of economic philosophy that we believe to ride on and the impact to our global citizen is manageable if said, this 10 years economy crisis cycle is there and will occurred as it is.